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What Type of Batteries Do You Need for the Luvabella Doll?

Many people are wondering what type of batteries are needed for the very popular Luvabella dolls this Easter 2018 season. This toy does NOT come with batteries, so you will need to buy them separately and install them yourself.

The current 2018 models require “C” batteries, which aren’t too common in most households. You will need four of them in order to properly operate the doll. The average person does not have these lying around so the easiest thing to do is simply order them from Amazon.

They are installed in the battery compartment on the doll’s bottom. This requires a Philips screwdriver to open the battery compartment cover. Once the batteries are installed, there are two switches above the battery compartment. One lets you select the language – A for English and B for French. The other switch is on/off and volume select – half or full volume. She comes to life immediately when switched on.

installing the batteries

Installing the batteries is fairly simply. Just lift up the doll’s shirt and insert them correctly into the rear side. If you have done this correctly, the toy should come alive as soon as you flip the on switch. Enjoy and have fun with your kids!

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  1. I require a replacement back for the battery compartment, is this available?


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